Yatish Chandra is a rogue cop; CPM Fraction in police created problems in Sabarimala: PC George

A 7-year-old boy gave statement against him in a court, saying that Yatish Chandra beat his sibling brother and father.

The Janapaksham leader PC George made a vitriolic attack on Yatish Chandra, SP, and a section of the Kerala Police for creating trouble in Sabarimala.  In an interview to an online channel, he said state Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will pay for his misadventure in Sabarimala.

“Who has made this rascal IPS? People should break his legs. He had the temerity to stop and search a Kerala High Court judge while he was on his way to Sabarimala. Who gave him powers to do that,” asked George, MLA from Poonjar.

George’s party has decided to work with the BJP in the Assembly. Continuing his attack, PC George said, “There are about 60 policemen in the force who are part of the CPI(M) Fraction. They harassed pilgrims unnecessary.

Journalists covering Sabarimala told Indus Scrolls that Yatish Chandra, “with tears in his eyes” apologised before the HC judge for harassing him. The judge gave a warning and did not went ahead with a case. A high court  bench hearing a batch of petitions on Sabarimala, without naming the police officer, said the judge’s magnanimity should not be taken as a weakness.

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