Why are you pushing your notion of ‘equality’ down our throats: Kerala women ask SC

Thousands of women today came out of their homes to protest against the Supreme Court verdict which allowed women of all ages visit temple in violation of the age-old tradition. Although there is no restriction on women per se, young women in the age group of 10-50 years are not allowed to enter the temple.

“It is not because of any discrimination. Our temples are built on the basis of shastras have sound scientific reasons. Each temple is unique. Some temples don’t allow men while some have only women as priests. Where is the discrimination here,” asks Sharada Kumar, 41, a resident of Pandalam.

According to Lakshmikutty Amma, a sizable number of people in Kerala follow matrilineal traditions. “Western educated North-Indian judges may not know our culture. Our problem is that we have Marxists who are out to destroy Hindu culture. They want to keep the extremist elements in the Muslim and Christian communities in good humour.  Ordinary Christians and Muslims are also angry with the SC verdict. When the Hindu women of Kerala don’t want, why are you pushing your notion of equality? That’s what I want to ask,” she said.

The turnout of Hindu women on this scale in Kerala is unprecedented. “The interesting part is that those who celebrate the Supreme Court verdict are those who don’t believe in Hinduism or Sabarimala temple traditions. Most of them are Left activists, Muslim women with jihadi orientation and certain Christian individuals,” Remakumari, 35, a political activist.


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