Welfare schemes for minorities favour Muslims, says Catholic Bishops’ body

The Muslim community is taking away the lion’s share of benefits of welfare schemes announced for the entire minority communities, alleged the top Catholic Christian body.

VC Sebastian, secretary, Council for Laity of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, has asked the central government to stop discrimination against Christian minority community while implementing various minority welfare schemes, and rectify their differential attitude in the matter of Dalit Christian Reservation.

In a press release, the Council secretary said, “Refusing the rights assured in the Constitution of India to the minority communities is unfortunate. The welfare schemes announced for minority communities are now in favour of the ‘majoritarian community’ within the minority. While committees such as the ‘Sachar’ were introduced for the betterment of Muslim community, no effort has been made to form any such committees or commissions to study the living conditions and develop welfare schemes for the Christian communities in India.”

He said despite making many representations and suggestions, the “government has stayed dormant, cold, and unbothered is a case of disappointment for Christians”.

According to him, successive governments have denied their constitutional rights of the Dalit Christians. “Although the constitution, judicial orders, and reports of the different commissions appointed by the Central Government have stood in support of them, its proper and timely implementation at the governmental level have faced denial and rejection,” he added.

Sebastian appealed to the central government to repeal para 3 of the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order 1950, which happens to be a Presidential Order, and thus to ensure justice and equality for millions of Dalit Christians, without further ado. He also said the Christian community in the country would support the Dalit Christian community “in their fight for justice”.

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  • Why should there be reservations for religions?
    Even then the Christian groups have most of the non agricultural lands in India. They are the richest. They have lot of funds, universities and their churches run most of the schools. They claim to be the most educated. Their churches are not under government control as in the case of Hindu temples and Muslim wakq boards.
    Why the hell do they need reservations?
    Their funding and their churches should be monitored.