There are 3 kinds of trees

Written by RATI HEGDE

The first is the kind which bends with the wind and rain to save itself. If you look at it after the storm has passed over, you would be fooled into thinking that the plant/tree is almost destroyed. But it will revive itself immediately as soon as it is peaceful.

The second is the kind which is very stiff – it stands strong in the face of the storm, but its roots are not very strong. So if the storm is very fierce, it breaks. While falling down, the tree could kill the people/creatures it falls on and/or it would destroy property. Either way, while it gives the impression of being strong and protective, it only destroys, sooner or later.

The third is the kind which is strong and has roots deep into the soil. It derives strength from its networking of the roots and it faces every storm standing tall. It may lose a few branches to the storm, but that does not stop it from providing shelter to the creatures who have rushed to it for support or shelter.

If you feel that the above is the story of the floods in Kerala, you may be right.


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A Home-maker with 3 children, Rati Hegde loves reading and writing about Spirituality & Hindu religion, Humour and everyday life. She also actively supports the cause of Protection and Conservation of the Indian breed of Cows.

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