Satyarthi takes a dig at Left-Liberal outrage mob, media

“When a poor maid from Jharkhand was gangraped and killed right in the National Capital there was no one to hold a candle light vigil or a protest; no channel organised a panel discussion,” said Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel laureate. He was addressing a function organised to release his book Every Child Matters. Supreme Court judge Ranjan Gogoi released the book.

The country witnessed a series of selective and motivated protests such as #JusticeForAsifa in the recent months by opposition politicians and certain NGos. The maid Satyarthi was mentioning belonged to the Hindu community and there was no hue and cry over her death.

Satyarthi’s said his fight has been to highlight the plight of children all over the world. Talking about the book he said, “I always try to use words which can ignite a spark of hope in the darkness of fear. I write when I am desperate to connect minds and souls for our children. My articles are the expression of urgency for action and they are reflections of my struggle.”

Justice Ranjan Gogoi expressed his concern over the rising number of sexual abuse of children across the country and said the justice delivery system in the country is begging for a complete overhaul.

Gogoi said, “I cannot say if child sexual abuse has become any more rampant in the last few months than it earlier was because I believe if all cases of sexual abuse of children were to really get reported, we would be in for a mortifying shock.”

“But at the least, the last few months have pressed us to see how urgent a need it is to have in place an effective deterrent regime,” he said.

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