Muslim migrant juveniles abuse, rape 5 girls in Denmark; suspects’ parents allege Islamophobia

Six Muslim migrant boys have been charged with rape or the attempted rape of five young girls in Hørsholm, Nivå and Kokkedal, according to Denmark’s media reports. All of the suspects have Turkish or Arab names according to Danish media.

The reports said the police were investigating a number of alleged rapes of girls in Nivå, Kokkedal and Hørsholm reported last year. The incident has triggered panic among parents.

According to the allegations, several of the assaults took place in Holmegårdsvej in Kokkedal. The girls were forced to perform oral sex and others were raped. Among the girls one was minor.

The boys plead not guilty and no action has yet been brought in the cases. “There was no rape. If you’re with a girl at her home, it’s not rape like if you grab a girl outdoors and force her down. She lied and the charges are exaggerated,” said father of an accused.

One of the boy’s mothers says ‘racism’ is behind the accusations. Another parent said the boys were arrested because of Islamophobia. Five out of six of the boys have been detained since June, and housed in a juvenile home.


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