Kerala women snub CPM; desert meet in support of Sabarimala verdict

Written by T Satisan

Many participants were aware of the party’s hidden agenda

The CPI(M)’s attempt to counter the popular upsurge against its Sabarimala policy fell flat when women participants deserted a pro-SC verdict meeting of women.
The party organized a women’s rally to support the government policy of allowing fertile women enter Sabarimala violating the age-old traditions. Since the women were all against the government policy, the short cut CPM found for rallying the people was to transport the women under the disguise of a programme of Kutumbasree and/or Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. When they reached the venue they found that it was CPM ploy; it was a CPM-sponsored programme under the banner of Janadhipathya Mahila Association, party’s women wing.
Angry women left the venue when they got wind of the agenda behind the meet. They told the media that they were cheated by party activists. It was a conspiracy to belittle the Hindu activists. They are in favour of the mass rallies taking place against the wrong Sabarimala policy of the government. They made it clear that they are against the anti-Hindu policy of the LDF government.

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