Justice Kurian is no messiah of minorities, says minority panel vice-chairman

National Commission for Minorities Vice-Chairman George Kurian on Wednesday said former Supreme Court judge Justice Kurian Joseph was seeking to create an impression that he is “the messiah of minority rights and freedom”. This is a travesty of truth. According to the Vice-Chairman, all his utterances and claims were aimed at self-promotion and selfish considerations and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

George Kurian said, “He was a member of the Collegium for more than one year. Can he reveal that whether he was instrumental in selecting so many members of the minority community as Supreme Court Judges especially from the Muslim community? He may also explain as to why there is only one Judge in the Supreme Court from the Muslim community. What was the hindrance to the career of other eligible judges from the Muslim community in the judicial system of India becoming Judges of the Supreme Court?”

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