Islamists attack Army man’s house in Kerala on News 18’s fake ‘cow vigilante’ report

Activists of the Popular Front of India attacked and vandalized the house of a serving soldier in Puthhoor, Kollam district. The incident took place on July 2. Prior to the attack they had spread a false story of attack on Muslims by cow protectors. The Islamists filed a false case against the jawan, Vishnu.

Islamists also brutalized the aged parents of Vishnu. The mother of the jawan, Subhadra, is  undergoing treatment in a nearby hospital in severe injuries. The attackers who came in a car wore masks. They broke the windows and doors. They destroyed the puja room and destroyed the pictures of the Gods and the traditional lamp. They brandished their swords to frighten the neighbours and the labourers from the nearby cashew factories who rushed into the site after hearing the screams. They were following up the propaganda of News 18 Channel (Malayalam TV channel) that the cow protection team had attacked a Muslim butcher.

The trigger for the incident was that on July 1, Vishnu and his friend Gokul were riding a bike through the Muslim Street. There they saw a vehicle carrying cows for slaughter. A rope that bound the cows was broken and the cows were about to fall on the bike. They alerted the driver about the plight of the cows. There was an altercation. Soon News 18 channel correspondent gave a communal twist to the whole story in order to sensationalise the incident.  The Popular Front and its affiliates launched a social media campaign against the Sangh organisations though they did not figure in the whole episode. They got the support of Congress and CPI(M). Following this, the police arrested Vishnu.

The attack took place when the court was hearing Vishnu’s bail petition. Vishnu’s house is nearly 12 km off the place where the incident took place.

This shows the audacity of the communal outfits in Kerala. The CPI(M) is giving tacit support to Popular Front to polarize the electorate.

Meanwhile, a Muslim youth, an eyewitness, posted a Facebook video alleging that the Islamist groups were trying to vitiate the communal atmosphere in the state. According to him, the channel mischievously played up a fake news. He alleged that he was getting death threats from Islamist groups for exposing their agenda.

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