Indian philosophy has great influence on me, Robin Sharma

Author of the  bestseller The Monk who Sold His Ferrari, Robin Sharma, has said Indian philosophy and values have great influence on him and his success as an author. “My father is from Kashmir so I was raised with Indian values. In fact, our home was filled with books on Indian philosophy. I adore the country for its varied cultures, art, food and people. So when I came down to Mumbai, it will it always feels very very special for me stop,” he told Delhi Times in an interview.

According to Sharma, he is inspired by the success of his readers. “To commit to making changes so we leave our primal genius and express our gifts and talents is an act of high bravery. Anyone can be a victim and stay stuck. So, my readers inspire me tremendously. I am also inspired to be as helpful as possible. Great thought art, travel voice conversations and excellent books also inspire me.”

Sharma says great leaders have have natural talents and the polish during the files that adversity and challenges bring. “And yet, we all are born into our own greatness. With focus dedication and training, we can all we can all lift our lives in remarkable ways.”

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