I have stopped buying Red Roses

Written by RATI HEGDE

I have stopped buying Red Roses

There was a time when I believed in the tale

That red roses meant Love

But I soon realized that red was also the colour of blood

That which was shed to keep up the façade of love

I realized that the pumping of foreign fertilizers

Made the roses huge but bereft of scent

Now when I see red roses

I see the blood of the millions who died

Waiting for the New Dawn which never came.


I love Orange Roses these days

The mild colour and the soft petals with the faint scent

Remind me of the rising Sun, gently bestowing light after the darkness

Its petals are attached to the green stalk

Giving the stalk a purpose

Without the petals, the stalk would just be a stick

Draw no admirers and be thrown around

And the white pollen, which draws the bees and butterflies to it

Would become just dust without any attention

If the petals were separated from it

The brown or green thorns

Which many love to hate for its incisive nature

Protect the rose and inseparable they are.


But what is this?

When I gather the roses and

Try to put them in a vase together

The green leaves occupy so much space

Suck all the nutrition in the water

Without adding to the value of the orange roses

I decided to cut them out and dump them

I prefer to have the roses live longer

Thorns, stalk, pollen and all

Without the leaves encroaching on the space

And when the roses droop, I’d love to

Store the petals with reverence

In the books of Time

But I’ve stopped falling for Red Roses

Which put up a show of Love

But draw blood surreptitiously.

About the author


A Home-maker with 3 children, Rati Hegde loves reading and writing about Spirituality & Hindu religion, Humour and everyday life. She also actively supports the cause of Protection and Conservation of the Indian breed of Cows.

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  • A subtle poem about the political situation in Bharat today. The colours in the poem give a hint of which section of society i am referring to. Comrades (Leftists) have forgotten the soul of their struggle & now only bleed the masses & destroy the Nation & its heritage. Those who are engaged in Conversion or manufacturing terror forget that they will attract funding from foreign sources only till such time as there are Hindus here. Else for the rest of the World they can never be First Class Citizens. Our soldiers who protect us are made fun of by some of our politicians, but they are the ones who guard us. And the leaves – they are the illegal immigrants whom some want to protect at the cost of our share of resources.

    Do read the poem and share it if you like it …